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We all need someone in our corner. That’s why we have CAP.

Let’s say you’re a consultant. You just started a new project working for a fantastic client, and you love your role. Even though your employment situation is ideal, you still need some help. It’s late on a Friday night, and you have a problem. You think about calling your recruiter, but it’s outside of business hours. You’re tired, stressed, and unsure where to turn. Sometimes things go wrong, and that’s where our Consultant Advocate Program comes in.

One More Point of Contact

Our consultants know that instead of spending time guessing who the point of contact is to answer a question, they can reach out to CAP the first time. If CAP doesn’t have the answer right then, the team will make the necessary connections to get the consultant an answer by the next day.

The Ultimate Differentiator

“We’re told time and time again by consultants that have been in the staffing industry forever that this is the first place where they feel cared for. That’s the overall message that we get- that people feel taken care of,” said Eliassen Group Consultant Advocate, Laura Cataldo. “They aren’t placed at a job then never hear from us after day one…They know going into it that there’s someone there along for the ride with them.”

Caring for People

At Eliassen Group, we say we’re in this business to “Positively impact the lives of our employees, clients, consultants, and the communities in which we operate,” and our CAP program is one more vehicle through which we are able to stay true to that purpose. We know that when our consultants need us, they need us, not a phone recording or an automated email response. CAP is committed to the consultant experience, but so is the rest of Eliassen Group. Everyone can positively impact the consultant experience. At Eliassen Group, we treat people like people- and that’s our biggest differentiator.


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Eliassen Group delivers strategic consulting and talent solutions that fuel your innovation and business results. We partner with you to marry your business objectives with our expertise, empowering your company to execute business strategy and scale your business effectively and efficiently. Where many consulting and talent solutions providers are focused on “the transaction," we believe in establishing and maintaining long-term partnerships so that we can meet your strategic needs and enable your organization to glean greater business value over time.

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