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DevOps Pipeline Creation: Real Alignment With Mob Programming

Find out how Eliassen Group has been using workshops where people develop a fully-functioning cloud pipeline in days or weeks instead of months.

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Experimentation or Standardization in DevOps Culture?

To maintain a healthy DevOps culture, you will need to balance standardization with experimentation to keep up with the pace of change. Here's why.

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Separation of Duties in IT and DevOps

Separation of duties in IT is an important concept and to some, it might seem to be incompatible with a DevOps approach, but it isn’t. Learn why.

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DevOps in Practice: It Can't be Bought

Posted by Dave Moran
Find out the difference between "buying into" DevOps and how you can truly put DevOps in practice so you can reliably deploy and operate software anytime.

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What I Learned from Disabling Thousands of Production Desktops in a Retail Call Center

Posted by Bob Fischer
The result of DevOps implementation is not only greater success of the process, but greater teamwork. Give up the blaming, and focus instead on the customer experience. Like any transformational journey, it starts with the people, all aligned on a vision for the future.

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