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What does being "Agile" mean to your CFO? Part 3

Posted by Bob Ellis
In Part 3 of our 'What does being 'Agile' mean to your CFO?' series, Eliassen Group's Agile expert Bob Ellis makes a case for the importance of Business Agility in a quickly changing world.

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Avoid Business Transformation Failure: 3 Transformative Truths (Part 1)

Posted by Mark Hill
What are the common missteps that hamper Agile Transformation? The following insights will help you avoid business transformation failure - read the article.

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Business Agility: How to Avoid Becoming Organizational Roadkill

Posted by Tom Wessel
Companies must embrace Business Agility throughout their organizations. In this article, Agile expert Tom Wessel discusses how to get beyond Agile just for IT.

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What Does Being "Agile" Mean to Your CFO? Part 2

Posted by Bob Ellis
For the CFO, Agile serves to de-risk the income stream as part of the fiduciary responsibility that companies have to their shareholders. Learn how in this Q&A.

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