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Kicking Off 2018 Right: Celebrating a Team-First Culture

Each year, professionals and companies alike spend time closing out and reflecting upon the previous year and kicking off the next one. It’s a time for reflection and renewal, candor and celebration, learning and planning. And at no time was this truer than within our own organization during the past two months.

Eliassen Group experienced some huge changes in 2017; namely, we merged with a top-notch IT staffing firm. And because their culture, values and practices so closely reflected the Eliassen Group brand, we knew that while there would be challenges that are inherent in any merger and integration effort, there would be so many amazing opportunities that would make it all worth it. And when we talk about opportunities, we are not only referring to increased sales and revenue but also expanded learning opportunities for our team members, as well as the ability to make a difference in our communities.

With all of this in mind, we are very excited to share the details of the Eliassen Group Company Kickoff 2018 that took place in Boston on January 25th as a celebration of our team, our culture and the future of our company. It’s an event that’s very special to us because it’s a way to bring together our team members who are located across the country in order to not only discuss our objectives for the year but also to celebrate each and every one of them; from New York to Florida, from Massachusetts to Texas, and from Charlotte to California, our numbers have grown to nearly 400 employees and bring together individuals from all different backgrounds and at varying stages of their careers. Want to learn a little bit about them? Take a look at our very cool video, “75 Questions: Get to Know Our Staff:”



While many organizations create purpose and vision statements, we recognize the power and clarity that come with not only talking about these but actually working and living by these standards every single day. So we spent a great deal of time discussing these statements and core values during the event and we want to share them with you:

Eliassen Group’s Purpose

“To positively impact the lives of our employees, clients, consultants, and the communities in which we operate.”

Our Vision

“To serve as a world-class provider of strategic consulting and talent solutions, and THE employer of choice for the industry’s most talented professionals.”

Our Core Values

  • We recognize the importance of our people.
  • We operate with integrity.
  • We strive for excellence.
  • We deliver results.

We urge all of our employees, clients, consultants, and communities to hold us to these statements; it is our corporate imperative to hold ourselves to these standards in everything we do.

A lesson for high growth organizations: People First

Another major highlight of the Eliassen Group Company Kickoff was our keynote delivered by Ann Rhoades, the former Chief People Officer of Southwest Airlines and Executive Vice President of JetBlue Airways. Ann spoke about the importance of creating values-based and people-centric cultures as the most important driver of a company’s success. Ann’s comment surrounding rapid growth cultures was:

“If it does not challenge you, it will not change you.”

Given our recent merger and associated growth, this really resonated with our team. While it may seem easier to go with the status quo, neither your organization nor your team can recognize their greatest potential. It’s all about how you do the growing and changing that sets you apart in the marketplace.

Foster the best attributes of your team

There’s something really great that happens when you bring together so many of your employees in one location that is hard to recreate otherwise; their personalities shine through and you get important glimpses into who they are and what drives them. There were two things that stuck out about our team during this day of togetherness:


First, this is a competitive group! From loud “cheering sections” to fun jibes about who will win the office pool for the Superbowl to sales results, we are all about competitive spirit. We relish the challenges that come with our business and our careers and we celebrate the wins. As a company, we foster this competitive spirit by recognizing those who have achieved great success, both for themselves and for the organization. At Kickoff, we dedicate a big part of the evening to a red-carpet awards ceremony with cash rewards and, for some, invitations to President’s Club.

While many talent solutions firms may boast about their competitive environments, it’s the next piece that truly sets Eliassen Group apart…


While this competitive nature is alive and well, our employees are connected and support one another. When someone needs help, when a colleague has a personal setback, when we need to rally to overcome a particular challenge, the team comes together in support. Eliassen Group supports these efforts by ensuring we have strong training programs, a mentoring program, as well as a philanthropy group that provides help for both our own employees and the communities in which we operate.

In short, our employees are not only great at their jobs; to quote one of our consultants, “They’re just good people.”

On that note, we’d like to leave you with this short video that features our employees who truly do the best job of telling you about our company culture. Thanks for reading and watching!



Want to learn more about Eliassen Group? Check out our video library here.

Eliassen Group

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Eliassen Group delivers strategic consulting and talent solutions that fuel your innovation and business results. We partner with you to marry your business objectives with our expertise, empowering your company to execute business strategy and scale your business effectively and efficiently. Where many consulting and talent solutions providers are focused on “the transaction," we believe in establishing and maintaining long-term partnerships so that we can meet your strategic needs and enable your organization to glean greater business value over time.

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