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Here are the most important questions a CEO should ask a CIO

As the CEO of your company, whether it’s a start-up, something small, medium-sized, or perhaps large, how much attention do you truly pay to the activities that are undertaken by the members of your IT department?

Are you paying attention to what it is they are doing that will appropriately grow the business? Are they making spending decisions on infrastructure improvements that will, ultimately, become antiquated the moment they are installed? Are you paying attention to what your competitors are doing with their technologies, so you are not missing out on the trends that will grow your overall revenue? 

Important questions all, and queries that should be asked at regular intervals in the course of your company’s fiscal year.

I recently asked some of my colleagues at Eliassen Group to give me some questions CEOs should ask of their CIOs on a regular basis.

The most common responses received were:

  • Are we spending enough money on technology that will enable our organization to be a force in the markets in which we operate?
  • Are we paying attention to the emerging tools in the technologies that we use, and should we consider incorporating some of them into our operational structure to maintain our advantage over our competitors?
  • Are we doing everything we need to do to protect the organization from being disrupted long-term in the event of a disaster?

Those are our top three questions, what about yours?

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