Celebrating and Supporting Women in Our Workplace

Posted by Olivia S. Kajencki

It’s no secret that women, in particular, are faced with incredible hurdles when striving to advance and maintain their careers. Often, many of these challenges are related to a sense of self-doubt. As a YouGov survey reports, “when asked to compare their own intelligence to that of ‘the average American,’ about a quarter of men declared themselves ‘much more intelligent,’ vs. just 15 percent of women.”1 The notable amount of self-doubt that many women grapple with often inhibits them from realizing their true worth and potential, and this can translate to women experiencing a skewed and limiting perception of themselves in their work lives.

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Olivia S. Kajencki

Olivia S. Kajencki

Olivia is the Content & Social Media Creator at Eliassen Group. She is an experienced marketing professional with a demonstrated history of success working in the staffing and recruiting industry. She holds her Master's Degree in Publishing and Writing from Emerson College, and both her passion and expertise lie in writing and editing.

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