Is Agile the Answer to Big Pharma's Digital Revolution?

Posted by Jennifer Mariani

In an age when your daily wants and needs can be delivered by Amazon, we are a culture of instant gratification. This culture has bled into all walks of life, including our medicine. In June of 2018, Amazon bought PillPack out of Cambridge, MA, for $753 million to crack into the $500 billion dollar prescription market. With this acquisition, customers can get meds delivered to their door with automatic refills and 24/7 customer support.

This surge for speed and innovation is forcing large pharma companies to look at all their linear, traditional processes for inefficiencies. Most of these large companies are organized around functional excellence but not value and customer experience. Many are taking notice of other large organizations from different industries reorganizing around value to the customer and having wild success.

Eliassen’s Agile Practice, where we have 10 years of experience implementing Agile across large, global, complex organizations, held a virtual event with leaders from Novartis, Bristol Myers Squibb, UCB, and Vertex Pharmaceuticals. This was designed to bring together like-minded individuals who are looking to be change agents within their organization. We had our Agile Transformation Coach, Jim Damato, facilitate the meeting where attendees dot voted topics of discussion.

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Jennifer Mariani

Jennifer Mariani

Jennifer is an Agile Engagement Manager responsible for working closely with change agents for large organizations by presenting success patterns and solutions to achieve more value via the Agile Methodology. She has a history of experience working with multi-billion dollar, Fortune 500 companies, supporting their change in process, culture, and mindset to achieve an environment that is able to respond quickly to change and improve the overall customer experience.

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