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Are you prepared to become a 'digital artisan' in 2020?

As an IT consultant/contractor, the professional world is yours right now.

The assignments that are available to you, based on your “particular set of skills” as this guy would put it, are plentiful. 

You are making plenty of money, and life is good.

But ponder for a moment, whether your “skills” will be just as sought in 2020. 

Do you think they will be?

Are you on a path that will insure continued employment in the years to come?

If the answer is yes, great!

But if it’s not, you may want to start thinking about what will continue to be hot in the IT marketplace in 2020 and beyond. And you may want to begin sharpening and enhancing your abilities now, so you will always be in demand to grab the assignments that become available.

For example, are you on the verge, or do you currently, market yourself as a ‘digital artisan?’

According to this recent report from Mary Pratt at Computerworld, that is one technology job description that figures to gain prominence over the next five years.

Pratt writes, “The pressure to be more than a pure technologist will continue in the upcoming years – and that means more than adding one or two business skills to your resume…R “Ray” Wang, founder and principal analyst with Constellation Research Inc., calls these new specialists ‘digital artisans,’ explaining that they’re ‘those who can balance right brain and left brain skills.’ ‘’

In the piece, Pratt also projects what other IT skills figure to be ‘hot’ in 2020.

Here’s the list:

  • Cloud – Programmers, Security Experts, Cloud Capacity Managers
  • Analytics
  • Wearables – The need being for hardware, software analytics experts
  • Application Program Interfaces
  • Robotics
  • Internet of Things – The need here being for “Big Picture Thinkers”
  • Security – Experts in all matters relating to the technologies being developed, particularly when it comes to wearables

There is one look at the future of IT consulting.

Are you prepared to dominate and are you working to maintain long-term relevancy?

Do you agree with this future forecast?

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Written by Eliassen Group

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