Agile 2022: TEG Talk Recap

Eliassen Group had a wonderful time at Agile 2022 in Nashville, and we learned a lot from the TEG Talks that we hosted at our booth. I had the chance to interview thought leaders not just at Eliassen Group but at several other companies, and I learned so much from people with widely divergent approaches to agility.

Our main topic was "Agile is here. Where is it going?" And my questioning was really about what skills and practices we need to be adding to all of our toolboxes in the coming years. Across the board, you'll see that the main skill is

Thinking like we are signing the front of the paychecks, not the back.

Meaning, we need to start thinking like the business in order to think about the business.

Here's a glimpse of what we discussed at our booth:

To many agilists (and tech folks, and a host of other folks), thinking about the business is done from the seat of someone who assumes the business will always have the resources to do whatever we want. And that the barriers to change and to doing the things we want to do are the executives and managers.

However, if we want to achieve that goal, we need to aim for technical agility and organizational fitness – and agility / adaptability is one of the key enablers of that goal. Check out our video and our upcoming social posts for more!

Where are you in terms of your Agile journey?

Download the Enterprise Agility Maturity Matrix below!


Marc Danziger

Written by Marc Danziger

Marc Danziger is Senior Director, Agile Delivery, at Eliassen Group. An experienced technical delivery leader and system architect, he has worked in energy, finance, healthcare, retail, automotive, and ecommerce. He has also led iterative/Agile teams since 2000 and led Agile change efforts from team to enterprise.

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