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Recruiting Trends for 2016

What’s old is new again – yes, it’s very true. Where we see trends, we can always look to certain core skills and concepts that have withstood the test of time. And nowhere is that more the case than with recruiting trends for 2016.

Earlier this month, LinkedIn Talent Solutions came out with their Global Staffing Trends 2016 Report in which they highlighted some interesting considerations as companies plan their strategies and budgets for next year. While some of the tactics have changed, one thing remains at the forefront: recruiting success is about building strong relationships.

So what are the key pathways to building successful relationships that drive recruiting efforts for 2016?

Brand Outreach & Social Media Conversations

It’s no secret that companies who build strong brand assets, messages and strategies will stand out from the crowd. And at no time has that ever been more crucial than it is today; with fierce competition in the marketplace, companies must be able to not only craft the right story about their firms but also amplify that message in all the right places. No longer is it enough to throw your name in an ad or on a billboard; companies need to be thinking about thought leadership that extends well beyond their walls.

Taking this one step further, it’s critical to figure out where your audiences spend their time. Are they attending events? Do they engage on social media? If so, that’s where you need to be but not just to push out your messages; effective social media is about having conversations and placing value on assisting others by creating and curating great content. By building relationships with people in the places where they spend time, you will build strong relationships that translate to brand advocates and an expanded talent pool.

Locate and Engage with Passive Candidates

Some of the best candidates out there are the ones who aren’t looking for a new job. So you likely won’t be seeing them out on job boards and if they are not on the lookout for a new role, it might be tough to connect with them. That said, think again about where they are engaged. Most industries have associations that might author reports, publications, host events and even online communities. Are you thinking about these venues and resources when seeking seasoned and talented professionals? If not, you’re missing out on a fantastic opportunity.

Think Holistically

While you might be seeking one candidate to fill a particular role right now, what else is happening within your company that might lead to broader needs in that department and/or in supporting roles? At Eliassen Group, we work closely with clients to develop staffing solutions that look at the bigger picture and we encourage you to do the same.

Lastly, be sure to measure your results. In the LinkedIn Talent Solutions report, it was indicated that less than half of the global companies surveyed were using data to track recruiting effectiveness. The reality is that if you are not tracking the effectiveness of your recruiting sources and surrounding efforts, then you will be unable to determine ROI and to make the necessary shifts in strategy to improve results.

What are you planning to do more of and/or differently in 2016 to increase your recruiting effectiveness? connect with us out on Facebook and Twitter.

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