Building Your Personal Brand: Career Tips for Millennials

Posted by Alison Guillaume on Oct 20, 2016 3:24:00 PM

Welcome to our blog series, The Rise of the Millennial Employee! There's a lot of talk out there about Millennials who are entering the workforce in droves. And we believe there is much to be learned on both sides of the fence; Millennials have many great insights to offer their GenX and Baby Boomer colleagues and these experienced co-workers have career tips and advice to share. That's why we have brought together Alison Guillaume, our Resource Specialist Program Manager, and Kaila Orn, an Eliassen Group Consultant Liaison, to share their individual perspectives. Alison kicks things off with this piece on building your personal brand:

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eGuide: (Not Your Grandmother's) Job Interview Tips

Posted by Alison Guillaume on Oct 12, 2016 11:51:37 AM

Congratulations on landing the interview! It’s a great feeling to know you got the attention of that prospective employer. So, what are you going to do to make sure your skills and talent shine through? You’ve got some work to do – and that needs to happen before, during and after the job interview!

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Ongoing Training Opportunities for Tech Consultants

Posted by Lorig Manjikian on Oct 5, 2016 1:12:34 PM

Anyone who works in technology knows that it’s constantly evolving. And while it’s critical for anyone working in the tech world to stay updated on the latest and greatest, it’s even more crucial for IT and tech consultants to ensure they stay ahead of the curve so that they have a wealth of challenging projects to choose from over their long-term careers.

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Your Recruiting "Check Up" - Upfront Planning to Recruit the Best Talent

Posted by Lauren Helm on Sep 20, 2016 10:30:00 AM

When you go to the doctor, they have your charts, all your medical history, they know how much you claim you currently weigh, and you usually even fill out a new health form - Every. Single. Time.  All that info is right at their fingertips but the nurse AND the doctor both have a discussion with you anyway. That’s because the answer doesn’t just lie in the data.

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Excel in a new environment: RTP Tech Events

Posted by Kaila Orn on Sep 15, 2016 11:45:00 AM

Research Triangle Park (RTP) is a hub for some of the biggest corporations and the brightest minds. We are anchored amongst our three surrounding cities, Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill – along with their respective universities, NC State, Duke, and UNC. In this growing community which fosters the bold ideas of companies like IBM, Cisco, Biogen, and Syngenta, it is no wonder that both industry veterans and yo-pros are flocking to the area.

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What Leadership Needs from Employees: Supporting a Great Company Culture

Posted by Renay Picard on Sep 13, 2016 11:30:00 AM

Trust and transparency are terms that are easily thrown around in the workplace. When speaking with company leaders and scanning company websites, you will often see comments such as:

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Recent college grads! Great career opportunity in Recruiting

Posted by Alison Guillaume on Sep 7, 2016 11:00:00 AM

If you’re a recent college grad, you’re ready to get out there and jumpstart your career. That said, it can be tough to get a foot in the door at the right company and in the right position.

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Making the Shift from Full-Time to IT Consulting

Posted by Matt Gleckman on Aug 24, 2016 11:00:00 AM

The time has come. You’ve been working in the same full-time IT role for several years and you’re looking for a change. Or, maybe your company is downsizing and you want to be proactive in landing a new role. Either way, you’re seeking a new, challenging position that will get you working on some cool projects with cutting-edge technologies. And that’s when you see it – that incredible position that you covet. BUT, it’s a consulting job.

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Laying the Groundwork for your NEXT Job

Posted by Eliassen Group on Aug 9, 2016 11:30:00 AM

Everything is going great! You love the company you work for. Your manager respects you and treats you more than fairly. Your co-workers are supportive and many look up to you. You also have the easiest commute you could hope for. Your IT career is taking off and your future looks bright, right? What would happen if this all ended tomorrow? Would you know who to call, who’s hiring or where to find your next position? Thinking ahead and good planning can perpetuate your career success.

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Using keywords correctly: a keyword primer for the tech job search

Posted by Harrison Haas on Aug 3, 2016 11:30:00 AM

Think about the various roles – personal and professional – that you play every day. At work, maybe you’re a software engineer or a database programmer. In your personal life, you may be a marathon runner or a pet owner. When you think about these statements, it’s easy to see that in general, we all love to “classify” or name things. From our jobs to our hobbies and everything in between, we seek to define these roles and the way in which we do that is via keywords.

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Don't get burned: social media rules for job seekers

Posted by Lorig Manjikian on Jul 27, 2016 1:30:00 PM

During the past five years or so, we have seen many changes in the job search process. From online application processes to video resumes to phone screens, companies are thinking a lot more about how to make their recruiting process more efficient and effective. While these changes have streamlined things for job seekers, they have also brought new challenges. And nowhere is that more the case than with social media.

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Eliassen Group crashes through top 20 list of Largest IT Staffing Firms in the US!

Posted by Eliassen Group on Jul 21, 2016 2:06:07 PM

Eliassen Group jumped 7 spots in being named #17 on the recently announced 2016 Largest IT Staffing Firms in the United States, as determined by Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA), a global advisor on staffing and workforce solutions.

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4 Hourly Rate Negotiation Strategies for IT Consultants

Posted by Eliassen Group on Jul 12, 2016 11:30:00 AM

If you’re a talented IT consultant looking for a contract or a permanent position, you know that your skills are in high demand in the current business environment. As many companies have a greater need for IT consultants who can jump in on specific short-term or long-term projects and have expanded their budgets to quickly ramp up when these needs arise, there are a plethora of opportunities available to you.

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What to look for in an IT consulting contract

Posted by Kurt Brokhoff on Jun 29, 2016 3:00:00 PM

From long-term, permanent employment to contract positions, there are many choices out there for IT and technology professionals. In my role as a tech recruiter, I talk to IT pros every day about the various employment options out there.

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Which Job Boards Are Most Effective for Employers and Job Seekers?

Posted by Eliassen Group on Jun 21, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Having a well written job description is only the first step in finding quality talent for your company.  You also need to post it online for people to see.  Of course this includes your website but in order to make sure the right people see it, it has to be posted in the right places.

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