Melting the Frozen Middle: Helping Middle Management Transition to an Agile Mindset

Posted by Tom Wessel on Apr 26, 2018 12:02:08 PM

As an organization goes through an Agile Transformation, one of the roles that is most impacted by the transition is middle management. One day you are managing a team or large department, and the next you find yourself without anyone to “manage”. Instead, your department’s members are now members of Agile teams who self-organize and whose work is no longer under your direct control. This can be a very unnerving experience for middle managers and leave many wondering what their role is now in this brave new world.

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The Whole Enchilada: The Value of Value Stream Mapping, Part 1

Posted by Tom Wessel on Mar 29, 2018 2:25:07 PM

The familiar expression ‘the whole enchilada’ implies that one should look at the whole situation, the whole picture rather than just focusing on the individual components of the metaphorical enchilada. Whether it is Mexican food or life, the whole is ideally greater than the sum of its parts.  

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Business Agility: How to Avoid Becoming Organizational Roadkill

Posted by Tom Wessel on Oct 5, 2017 1:24:47 PM

The Need for Business Agility

A shortcoming of most Agile transformations is that they do not go far enough when implementing Agile within an organization. They tend to solely focus on the IT side of the organizational equation without addressing the business side of the equation. IT transformations allow organizations to become more efficient and effective at delivery value once that value has been defined. Once something has entered the organization’s internal system, it can then be processed quickly. A colleague of mine refers to this form of optimization as ‘internal optimization.’

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Tom Wessel

Tom Wessel

Tom Wessel is an Agile Coach and Client Delivery Lead, working with various sized organizations in financial services, healthcare, home improvement, utilities and cable and satellite to plan, implement and train teams on agile principles and evolve their agile discipline.

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