Mixing Oil & Water (Part 2 of 2)

Mixing Oil & Water (Part 1 of 2)

When Companies Lose Their Way – How to Find It Again in 3 Steps (Part 2)

When Companies Lose Their Way - How to Find It Again in 3 Steps

The Business Benefit of Design Thinking

It's more than just a job search.

Understanding Agile Metrics - Part 2

Scaling Great Heights with SAFe - Part 2

Celebrating and Supporting Women in Our Workplace

Net Promoter Scores: What Do the Numbers Really Mean?

Scaling Great Heights with SAFe - Part 1

The Unstoppable Drive to Win

Understanding Agile Metrics

The Agile Principia (a.k.a. Playbook) - Part 2

The Agile Principia (a.k.a. Playbook) - Part 1

Working with Millennials

We all need someone in our corner. That’s why we have CAP.

Experimentation or Standardization?

Technical Debt: Framing the Conversation

Separation of Duties and DevOps

Melting the Frozen Middle: Helping Middle Management Transition to an Agile Mindset

DevOps: It Can't be Bought

Project Accounting to Agile Funding

What I Learned from Disabling Thousands of Production Desktops in a Retail Call Center

The Whole Enchilada: The Value of Value Stream Mapping, Part 1

Technical Debt is a Business Problem

What does being "Agile" mean to your CFO? Part 3

The Dos and Don'ts of Creative Portfolios

Kicking Off 2018 Right: Celebrating a Team-First Culture

Eliassen Agile featured in TechTarget: Software development skills shortage spurs channel business

Avoid Business Transformation Failure: 3 Transformative Truths (Part 2)

Avoid Business Transformation Failure: 3 Transformative Truths (Part 1)

Five Online Development Platforms That Will Help You Land a Great Job

Agile: It Ain't No Big Thing

Business Agility: How to Avoid Becoming Organizational Roadkill

What Does Being "Agile" Mean to Your CFO? Part 2

User Experience Design in Healthcare: On the Precipice

My Coder is Faster Than Your Team

Summer Book List 2017: Top Business Books & Fun Reads

Do we need a Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)?

Scrum and Decision Fatigue

Making Metrics Matter: Focus on Business Value Add

What Does Being "Agile" Mean to Your CFO? Part 1

Stop Doing Backlog: Critical Component in Agile Transformation

How to Align Recruiting With Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

Recruiting & Retaining a Multi-Generational Workforce: The Baby Boomers

Land a great job in 2017 with this powerful combination

The Best Eliassen Group Recruiting & Job Search Advice of 2016

How Clean is Your Code?

College Athletics & Your Career

Job Search During the Holidays: The Force is With You

The True Value of Corporate Mentoring Programs

Help! My Teams are Agile but my Execs are Waterfall!

Building Your Personal Brand: Career Tips for Millennials

eGuide: (Not Your Grandmother's) Job Interview Tips

Ongoing Training Opportunities for Tech Consultants

Your Recruiting "Check Up" - Upfront Planning to Recruit the Best Talent

Excel in a new environment: RTP Tech Events

What Leadership Needs from Employees: Supporting a Great Company Culture

Recent college grads! Great career opportunity in Recruiting

Asking the Question: Why is Agile Failing Us? Part 2

Asking the Question: Why is Agile Failing Us? Part 1

Making the Shift from Full-Time to IT Consulting

Get The Whole Team Training!

Laying the Groundwork for your NEXT Job

Using keywords correctly: a keyword primer for the tech job search

Don't get burned: social media rules for job seekers

Agile Roundtable Series: The State of Business Agility

Eliassen Group crashes through top 20 list of Largest IT Staffing Firms in the US!

The Product Owner Journey, Part 2: Mitigation Strategies

4 Hourly Rate Negotiation Strategies for IT Consultants

You Can Count on Me, a Team Exercise

The Product Owner Journey, Part 1

What to look for in an IT consulting contract

Which Job Boards Are Most Effective for Employers and Job Seekers?

So you want to be an agile coach?

Biomarker Use Facilitated by CDISC Standards

The Emerging Creative Executive: CIOs and CMOs Leading the Charge

Calling all SDETs! Join us for a MoCo SDET Meetup!

How to Evaluate and Select a Job Recruiter

Join us at the ISPOR 21st Annual International Meeting

Entrepreneurialism as a Corporate Imperative

Strategies for Recruiting a Multi-Generational Workforce, Part 2

Join us at PharmaSUG 2016

Career Opportunity: Become a Technical Recruiter

Transformation: Deceptions in Disguise

(Not Your Grandmother's) Job Interview Tips for Recent College Grads

How to Write Killer IT Job Postings

Do you know where you really are in your Agile Transformation?

How to Win the War for Tech Talent

How to Get the Most Out of College Career Fairs

How to Use GitHub to Market Yourself & Find the Right Job

Why Innovation Matters in Your Management Practices

Is it time for a SAFe® Health Check?

The Growing Trend in Cybersecurity Equals Job Opportunties

Beyond the Portfolio: How to Hire Great UX & UI Designers

What NOT To Do When Developing a Job Posting

Your Agile Journey: What about my old metrics?

Strategies for Recruiting a Multi-Generational Workforce

Career Opportunity for Recent College Grads: Resource Specialist Program

Agile eBook – Kanban vs. Scrum: Tips for Choosing the Right System

Mobile Usability in Web Design: The Demand for UX & UI Designers

5 Tips for Crafting Job Postings That Stand Out

Align Agile Across the Organization & Measure Success

Holiday Workplace Celebrations Reinvented

Recruiting Trends for 2016

3 Tips to Ensure a Positive Work-Life Balance

Be Prepared! The Many Types of Interviews

The Best Jobs for a Positive Work - Life Balance

Insights from the CDISC NJ User Group Meeting

The High Demand for UX/UI Designers

Job Negotiation Skills for Millennials

Upcoming Career Fairs in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York

Does Your Company Take Too Long to Hire?

How do you prepare for the interview "dance?"

Which Big Data certification is right for your career?

What IoT programming language works best for you?

A programmer's job interview - with a twist

Are you prepared to become a 'digital artisan' in 2020?

Here are the most important questions a CEO should ask a CIO

Have you got what it takes to work for the Defense Intelligence Agency?

Agile Infrastructures: The Future of IT Operations Happening Now

We are pleased to announce the addition of Jonathan (JT) Mann to our team!

Meet the Recruiter - Brandi Saveri

Why Military Veterans Make Great Scrum Masters

Eliassen Group is now in Reston, VA!

Agile Retrospectives with Legos

Organizational Agile Transformation Part 3 – Plan, Pilot, Review, Tune, Repeat

Here are seven helpful tips for acing phone interviews

Blog Series, Part 2: Techniques to Address Non-Functional Requirements

Using Lego to capture raw data for Cycle Time and Process Cycle Efficiency

How do you measure your IT department’s performance?

Introducing the Enterprise Agility Maturity Matrix

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